What is S.H.I.T. ?

What is S.H.I.T. ?

First and foremost we are a family of 7…with 5 awesome kids. Various reasons led us to homeschool. In addition, we have been transplanted from Los Angeles, California to Lincoln, Nebraska. It is a huge change but we love adventures and it makes this blog even more important for us to keep connected to all our family and friends.

Now you may be asking why S.H.I.T? Well it all starts with our homeschooling approach. Since our move we changed from CAVA, a California virtual independent public school program, to 100% independent homeschooling in Nebraska. It is a huge change but it has given us more freedom to expand on the main subjects we were learning and even add on areas of study we never imagined studying.

I know many people might say we weren’t true homeschoolers because we attended a virtual independent school. But, our parents chose to add on to our school by not just settling for the information in the books. They made us think about everything we read and that there is more than one way to look at things.

This leads us to S.H.I.T. Part of our schooling is Movie-cation. The history and knowledge of movies and how it was impacted by society, time-period, and much more. We watched the movie, ACCEPTED, and saw that learning is not confined to a classroom.

So as my mom filled out the homeschool application for Nebraska we had to come up with a name for our school. We wanted the name to have meaning and also be a fun on words. Hence, School House of Independent Thinkers was born….or for short S.H.I.T

We are independent thinkers because we each have our own way of learning and understanding. We each want to pursue different areas of study. We are independent students that belong to one school house.

We hope you enjoyed this and follow us throughout our adventures.

Your Friends At,

School House of Independent Thinkers