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Lego City Undercover

Hey everyone! AwesomeEwok here and today I’m gonna tell you about Lego City Undercover. This game is about a police officer named Chase McCain and his mission to hunt down the notorious criminal, Rex Fury. This open-world Lego adventure allows fans and newcomers to explore the sprawling metropolis that is Lego City, with more than 20 unique districts to investigate, filled with car thieves to bust, vehicles to navigate, mischievous aliens to capture, and hundreds of collectibles. Some features of the game are the unique outfits that you can use, each outfit has it’s own skill’s and abilities. Also you can drive over one hundred vehicles on the streets of Lego City. Also you can explore the entire area of Lego City. All of these features form the awesome open world adventure of Lego City Undercover. This game is really awesome and it looks amazing to play. Well that’s all the time I have for today, I’m AwesomeEwok and remember to yub nub on.




The NASA Apollo Saturn V

Hey everyone! AwesomeEwok here and today I’m gonna tell you about the NASA Apollo Saturn V. This set looks super cool! It also has lots of amazing features, like it detaches in three stages, it contains the Lunar Lander and Lunar Orbiter, it also has three micro figures that are astronauts. This set is super cool and it is also based off the Apollo 11 spacecraft. The Apollo 11 was the first manned spacecraft to land on the moon and return to earth. It was 363 feet tall and 33 feet in diameter, it was as taller than the statue of liberty. This set is 39 inches high and 6 inches in diameter. This set has a collection of very unique pieces that form this magnificent spacecraft. It is an awesome Lego set and it looks really cool to have. Well that’s all the time I have for today, I’m AwesomeEwok and remember to yub nub on!


Happy May The 4th!

Hey everyone! AwesomeEwok here and happy May the 4th. And today I’m gonna tell you about what Lego has in store for May the 4th. From May 4th trough May 7th, Lego has sales on selected Lego Star Wars sets. But that’s not all, when you purchase a $50 Lego Star Wars set you get a free R2-D2 set. Also you get a free stormtrooper minifigure and a Force Awakens poster. And this year they have some great sets, like the Duel On Naboo, the Rebel U-Wing Fighter, Poe’s X-Wing Fighter, and many more. This year’s May the 4th was awesome! Well I’m AwesomeEwok and remember to yub nub on.

Lego Worlds!

Hey everyone! AwesomeEwok here and today I’m gonna tell you about the new Lego game, Lego Worlds. Lego Worlds is a open area game where you can build, fight, explore, and just have fun. It is a super cool game, it has different vehicles, animals, and characters. You can find chests, search for towns, and explore dungeons. You can also download other people’s world’s and share your creations. It’s a super cool game so watch this trailer. That was awesome! It looks so cool and it’s looks fun to play. Well that’s all for now I’m AwesomeEwok and remember to yub nub on.

Lego Life

Lego Life

Hey everyone! AwesomeEwok here and today I’m gonna tell you about Lego Life. Because club penguin is shutting down the Lego company has created a new app called Lego Life. Lego Life is a mobile Lego gallery where kids can showcase their awesome Lego creations. It has lots of videos, quizzes, and updates on what’s new in Lego. You can also comment on Lego creations by typing in emojis. It’s super safe because it generates random usernames and instead of typing anything you want you can only use emojis. It also has cool characters like Batman, Yoda, and Green Ninja. There are no memberships or anything you need to buy, it’s all free. There are also different profiles to use and you are able to customize your avatar.

There are lots of activities to do on Lego Life and they’re super fun. I think this app is gonna be awesome! It will be a great way for Lego fans to socialize with each other. Well that’s all for now I’m AwesomeEwok and remember to yub nub on!

Assembly Square

Hey everyone! AwesomeEwok here and I’m gonna tell you about the new 10th anniversary Lego Assembly Square. This set is made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of modular building. It has lots of intriguing details and hidden surprises. This set also has Easy-to-remove building sections that provide access to the highly detailed rooms. it shows a ground level with a bakery, florist’s shop and cafe, a middle level with a music store, photo studio and dental office, and an upper-level with a dance studio and apartment with access to a rooftop balcony with a grill. The outside of the building features a very detailed sidewalk with outdoor cafe furniture, fountain, streetlamps and a highly detailed design with beautifully decorated windows and doors, three build able shop signs, a spired tower and a decorative roof line. This set has over 4000 pieces and it also includes 8 unique minifigures and 1 baby figure. This set show what a bustling plaza would look like. With excellent color choices for the buildings. It creates the look of three different buildings in one set. With all the colors of the buildings this set looks amazing! I think every Lego fan would want this set. Well that’s all for now I’m AwesomeEwok and remember to yub nub on!

My Lego Fest Adventure

My Lego Fest Adventure

When I Went to Lego Fest

By Gabriel Roger

A.K.A= International Brick Thief

It was a typical spring day in Missouri. On March 29th, 2015 my family and I had tickets to the biggest Lego event in the world. We packed up in our minivan and headed straight to the heart of St. Louis. We drove around the city until we came upon a convention center. There, I headed excitedly into the greatest Lego wonderland I saw in my entire life. The sight and sounds were incredible I couldn’t believe it was real. It was the greatest day in my entire life.

When we headed to Lego Fest, I was extremely excited. I felt like I could just scream! I imagined how much fun I was going to have there; and if I had enough time to see everything. I thought about a whole festival all about Legos; and all the models I would see and the fun Lego activities I would do. I felt so excited and so pumped up! I told my mom to drive faster so I wouldn’t miss a minute of Lego Fest.

When I entered Lego Fest, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I saw lots of Lego models in a huge stadium it was awesome! I saw the brick pile spread out like a giant lake and it was amazing! And as far as the eye could see there were numerous of activities all dedicated to Legos! I saw all my favorite characters built out of Legos. I ran to pose with Darth Vader, he was awesome. I took a selfie with Chewbacca, he was so tall. I even photobombed superman. I then went to miniland U.S.A. Where I built a Lego house and placed it in Lincoln, Nebraska. Then for building a Lego house, one of the staff gave me a small Lego set. Then I said, “hey mom could I go to those Lego stations?” “Okay’’, she continued, “lets go”. I built a Lego Starfighter with my brother, and then we showcased it to our family. Then, I went to the Building races, where I competed against other kids to build the best creation. Me and my older brother built the best school desk and finished before the time was up. Then, we won another small set and went to the jewel of Lego Fest: THE BIG BRICK PILE! At the pile, I jump straight into it. I was amazed at how many bricks there were, and how fun it is to make angels in the bricks. While I was in the pile, I may have slipped some cool bricks in my pocket. When I was returning to the car there was a sign that said, “NO BRICKS BEYOND THIS POINT.” Once I saw that sign, I thought that they would inspect my pockets. But luckily they didn’t, so I left Lego Fest as a Brick thief.

After my Lego Fest experience, I was feeling so great that I could touch the sky. I had so much fun at Lego Fest, it was awesome. I thought of new ideas for my own creations. I even made new memories with my family. Going to Lego Fest was the greatest day of my life. I had so much fun and I was so excited for next year. I enjoyed when I went to Lego Fest, It was better than I imagined.

At Lego Fest, I had lots of fun by playing at all the activities. It was super fun and I wanted to do them all. I made of lots of fantastic memories. I felt overjoyed when I was at Lego Fest, to the point that I could explode. That day was the best day ever. I will never forget this day.