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Winter message from the editor

Winter message from the editor

Hey everyone! AwesomeEwok here and happy January. Here at SHIT were staying warm while the temperature outside is almost at freezing point. But I have eaten all my cookies and all hope for survival is lost. But as Christmas passed Valentines day and Saint Patrick’s day are coming up. My favorite holiday is Saint Patrick’s day because I can pinch anyone who is not wearing green. Next month is February and after that March. So you guys should expect a lot of posts from the SHIT team. Because We got an entire year jammed packed with lots of amazing events. But first, today’s holiday is National Hot Sauce Day! So grab a bottle of your favorite hot sauce and celebrate today by putting hot sauce on your dinner. As for us here at SHIT news my writers can’t wait for summer. They’re getting so pumped up for all the fun were gonna have.Were gonna go swimming and have balloon fights. Were also gonna blog about all the events were doing over the months so be prepared. This year were gonna have a blast! As for right now I’m AwesomeEwok and remember to yub nub on!


My Lego Fest Adventure

My Lego Fest Adventure

When I Went to Lego Fest

By Gabriel Roger

A.K.A= International Brick Thief

It was a typical spring day in Missouri. On March 29th, 2015 my family and I had tickets to the biggest Lego event in the world. We packed up in our minivan and headed straight to the heart of St. Louis. We drove around the city until we came upon a convention center. There, I headed excitedly into the greatest Lego wonderland I saw in my entire life. The sight and sounds were incredible I couldn’t believe it was real. It was the greatest day in my entire life.

When we headed to Lego Fest, I was extremely excited. I felt like I could just scream! I imagined how much fun I was going to have there; and if I had enough time to see everything. I thought about a whole festival all about Legos; and all the models I would see and the fun Lego activities I would do. I felt so excited and so pumped up! I told my mom to drive faster so I wouldn’t miss a minute of Lego Fest.

When I entered Lego Fest, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I saw lots of Lego models in a huge stadium it was awesome! I saw the brick pile spread out like a giant lake and it was amazing! And as far as the eye could see there were numerous of activities all dedicated to Legos! I saw all my favorite characters built out of Legos. I ran to pose with Darth Vader, he was awesome. I took a selfie with Chewbacca, he was so tall. I even photobombed superman. I then went to miniland U.S.A. Where I built a Lego house and placed it in Lincoln, Nebraska. Then for building a Lego house, one of the staff gave me a small Lego set. Then I said, “hey mom could I go to those Lego stations?” “Okay’’, she continued, “lets go”. I built a Lego Starfighter with my brother, and then we showcased it to our family. Then, I went to the Building races, where I competed against other kids to build the best creation. Me and my older brother built the best school desk and finished before the time was up. Then, we won another small set and went to the jewel of Lego Fest: THE BIG BRICK PILE! At the pile, I jump straight into it. I was amazed at how many bricks there were, and how fun it is to make angels in the bricks. While I was in the pile, I may have slipped some cool bricks in my pocket. When I was returning to the car there was a sign that said, “NO BRICKS BEYOND THIS POINT.” Once I saw that sign, I thought that they would inspect my pockets. But luckily they didn’t, so I left Lego Fest as a Brick thief.

After my Lego Fest experience, I was feeling so great that I could touch the sky. I had so much fun at Lego Fest, it was awesome. I thought of new ideas for my own creations. I even made new memories with my family. Going to Lego Fest was the greatest day of my life. I had so much fun and I was so excited for next year. I enjoyed when I went to Lego Fest, It was better than I imagined.

At Lego Fest, I had lots of fun by playing at all the activities. It was super fun and I wanted to do them all. I made of lots of fantastic memories. I felt overjoyed when I was at Lego Fest, to the point that I could explode. That day was the best day ever. I will never forget this day.

Message from the Editor

These past few months we have not been on top of our blog and I am sorry. The reporters and I have have been thinking about my New Years resolution and that I have not kept it. So this spring me and the reporters are going to continue on the blog. Speaking of Spring, April first is coming and I have a really good prank for the guys. I don’t want  give it away, but it includes a whoopee cushion. I hope everyone has good April fools this year. Easter was fun too. Instead of a Easter egg hunt we had an Easter challenge, where we had a stack of index cards and foot of scotch tape. We had to build a tower at least a foot and a half high with the index cards and tape in 20 minutes. Then the judge will put 5 silver dollars on the tower and wait 10 seconds to see if the tower will stand. If the tower doesn’t fall then the person who made the tower would get 5 dollars. If you had two or more winners then you move on to the 10 dollar challenge where the judge would put 10 silvers dollars and wait 15 seconds. The winner of that challenge would get 10 dollars instead of 5. The beginning of spring has been fun and I cannot wait for the rest of it.

Happy New Year Message from the Editor

This New Year for School House of Independent Thinkers has been horrible. Everybody was excited just for a New Year, but the worst part is that everyone had some vacation time. So that meant that there was nobody to boss around and that I was the only one here. Just kidding, this New Year has been a blast. During vacation I was enjoying myself with the family eating snacks while watching the ball drop at New York City. Now we are getting back on track with the blog and this year I am expecting big things from everyone. This year I have made two resolutions. My first resolution is to keep the blog going because we have not been on top of our posts and I don’t only mean the reporters but also me. I have not been pushing them and myself to do the posts and we have fallen behind, but this year is going to be different. My second solution is to work out more because I am a little out of shape after eating all that Rockey Road ice cream. Well I have to get back to work.

From the Editor,

Fall’s Message from the Editor

This Fall season at school house of independent thinkers we are excited for many extraordinary events going on. It started off with a trip to Vala’s Pumpkin Patch with Chocokitten123’s Girl Scout troop. This was our first time visiting and is was awesome. Then we celebrated Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. Each of us dressed up in some pretty incredible costumes. Next up we celebrated AwesomeEwok’s birthday where he had cupcakes, he got to open some pretty cool Star wars 7 school supplies, and he had a choice to pick a Lego set or the new video game Lego Dimensions. I think he should get Lego Dimensions. After that we started admiring Fall and its beautiful leaves, the changes in the wind, and hot cocoa. What I like about fall is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because of the food! I love eating a nice juicy turkey with mashed potatoes, gravy, and stuffing. That sounds good right now. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving. I also can’t wait to see what my reporters write about, especially AwsomeEwok’s S.H.I.T. Talk with Mr. Turkey. That’s it for now…Editor Out!

Back School thoughts from the Editor

This month for School House of Independent Thinkers my reporters have been very excited to start the school year. Everyone here is saying that this is going to be a great year. I don’t see how this year is going to be great when my secret supply of ice cream ran out for the year. I wonder where all that Rocky road ice cream went? Ok just kidding I am excited too! This school year is going to be awesome! What I can’t wait is to start learning new things in Algebra. Another good subject is vocabulary. Learning new words like philanthropy makes me sound smart around my brothers. Also our newsletter is going smoothly. My reporters are giving me some good stories. I can tell that this year is going to be extraordinary.