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Warriors: Dark River

Warriors: Dark River

Hello there, Chocokitten123 here and welcome back to Book Review. Today I am going to be talking about Warriors: Dark River. Dark River is about the children of Leafpool and Crowfeather, Hollypaw, Jaypaw, and Lionpaw. It starts off in the camp of of Thunderclan where Lionpaw is getting ready to go to the gathering with his clanmates, Squirrelflight ask Lionpaw if he was nervous. Lionpaw said he was excited and that the most nervous he has ever been is his first gathering. Firestar then signaled with his tail to go forward, the clan cats moved and headed toward the gathering island. When Thunderclan arrived, Lionpaw saw the Windclan leader, the Riverclan leader, and the Shadowclan leader up on the branches of the Great Oak tree. He also saw the deputes and medicine cats at the foot of the tree, Leafpool and Jaypaw went and joined the other medicine cat and Brambleclaw and Firestar went to join the deputes and leaders. Then he heard a voice behind him, it was his good friend Heatherpaw from Windclan. Heatherpaw said it was good to see him and that she has been doing good with hunting and fighting moves. They stopped talking to hear Firestar saying Thunderclan is doing well.

After the gathering Heatherpaw talked to Lionpaw for a little bit, she told him that they should meet more often. Lionpaw asked how they are going to do that, Heatherpaw said that they should meet at the edge of Windclan and Thunderclan territory. Lionpaw hesitated but said yes, Heatherpaw then said that they should meet tomorrow night, Lionpaw nodded and went back to camp with his clanmates. Next night, Lionpaw was at the Windclan border and met Heatherpaw, they played moss ball, they chased each other, and they looked at the stars. Lionpaw then went back to camp when daybreak came, when he got back he was stopped by Hollypaw. She asked why was he out of camp so early, Lionpaw then said that he just wanted to go out on a early morning stroll, he then padded away. Hollypaw then went to the medicine cat den and asked Jaypaw if he knew what was wrong with Lionpaw, Jaypaw then said that he didn’t know. Hollypaw said that at the gathering, Willowpaw, former medicine cat apprentice, was acting strange at the gathering. Jaypaw asked why she was asking him and Hollypaw said that he just knows how other cats fell, Jaypaw snapped at Hollypaw saying that he is not her messenger. Hollypaw then said that she was not saying that and ask if he can ask Willowpaw what was wrong when he goes to the Moonpool with the other medicine cats, Jaypaw says ok and goes on sorting herbs.

Jaypaw then went to the Moonpool that night with Leafpool, Jaypaw smelled other cats coming. Littlecloud came up to them and asked Leafpool if all is well in Thunderclan, Leafpool said yes and asked the same question. Jaypaw then reached the Moonpool, he smelled Willowpaw, Mothwing, and Barkface. They reach the Moonpool and drank from it, Jaypaw laid down and started to dream, he saw Willowpaw begging to back to her den to get some herbs but a Riverclan warrior said they have to go, Willowpaw then went and Jaypaw woke up. Willowpaw woke up Mothwing and said they needed to go, Mothwing got up and went. Then the other cats went back to there clans, Jaypaw then went to sleep in his den. What will happen next? Is the dream he entered just for Willowpaw to deal with or is the dream a warning? Read the book and find out. Well that’s all for now, I am Chocokitten123 and see you next time on Book Review.

Warriors: Cats of the Clans

Warriors: Cats of the Clans

Hello there, Chocokitten123 here and welcome back to Book Review. Today I am going to be talking about Warriors: Cats of the Clans. Cats of the clans is about some of the most famous cats in all the clans, Including Firestar. Today I am going to be talking about one cat from each clan. It starts off in the world of Starclan where three Starclan kits are lost in the underground tunnels, they come into a den where they see a cat. The cat turns around and ask what they where doing in his den, the kits say that they are lost and they need to get back home. The cat asked what there names where, one kit said her name was Mosskit, Bluestar’s daughter that died in Bluestar’s prophecy, the next was Blossomkit, a kit that was killed by Brokenstar when he was the leader of Shadowclan, and last was a tom kit named Adderkit, who was killed by an adder. The cat said that his name is Rock, and that he will help them get back to there clanmates at daybreak. Then Rock said that since they were there he can tell them about the different clan cats, the kits said yes and sat down. Rock then said that this is a good way to pass time. He starts off with Thunderclan, fierce and brave.

Rock says that out of all the clans, Thunderclan is always the kindest of them all, but Rock did admit that they can be a little pushy sometimes. He then starts to talk about Bluestar, Mosskit then told Rock that she is her mother. Rock chuckled and said that he knows, he says that she was sad to give away her kits but it was for a good reason. Mosskit then asked why and Rock said that if Thistleclaw, a past Thunderclan warrior, was made deputy he would lead the clan into unnecessary battle and cause war against the clans. Mosskit then said that her mother is a really important cat because she had to give up her kits to save the whole forest, Rock then said that its hard to give something up, but it for a good reason. Rock then said that he is going to move on to the next clan Shadowclan, willy and proud.

Blossomkit was excited to her about her own clan, Rock started off saying that Shadowclan has always been proud of how strong they are. Blossomkit the puffed up her chest and saying that it is true, Rock then said that they can also be rude and ignorant. Blossomkit opened her mouth to argue but then thought about it and said that her clan can be rude sometimes. Rock then continued saying that Shadowclan has been rude but has had some great cats that grew up in that clan, He started talking about Boulder, a kittypet who became a Shadowclan warrior. Rock says that Boulder was a kittypet who attacked Shadowclan when they used to live in the forest, he then says that after that fight he came to Shadowclan with his friend Red and became apprentices. Red became Russetfur but Boulder didn’t want his named changed, Blossomkit said that he sounded very brave, Rock then said he was. Rock said that he is going to now be talking about Windclan, swift and loyal.

Rock states that Windclan is fast, strong and fierce, but before he could continue, Adderkit says that Rock is right about Windclan being brave and loyal and that Windclan is the best clan there is. Rock ignored Adderkit and said that Windclan is also stubborn and rude, Adderkit started to dig his claws into the earth but Rock said that its ok. Rock starts to talk about Nightcloud, Crowfeathers’s other mate, Rock says that Nightcloud is pretty and kind. Adderkit asked if Nightcloud had any kits, Rock says that she did have kits and that her kit is Breezepelt. Rock continues and says that even though she was kind, she was also strong and fierce, and that she will do anything for her clan. Adderkit then said that she must of been strong because she lived in Windclan, Rock laughed and said that the kits are funny, he then said that he is going to now talk about Riverclan, clever and strong.

Rock first said that Mosskit’s father, Oakheart, was a Riverclan cat, and that his mate was Bluestar. Mosskit said that she had met Oakheart in Starclan and he is very nice, Rock continued and said that he is actually going to be talking about Stormfur. Stormfur is the son of Graystripe, a Thunderclan warrior, and Silverstream, a Riverclan warrior. He says that Stormfur used to live in Thunderclan when he was a kit but then was brought to Riverclan because his mother was a Riverclan cat. Mosskit asked if Graystripe ever saw him again and Rock said yes, he says that when the four clans were on the Great journey, Stormfur joined the Tribe of Rushing Water, a group of cats that lived in the mountains. Rock then says that Stormfur and his mate Brook, her real name is Brook were small fish swim, came to Thunderclan and decide to live there, then in The Sight, I did a post on The Sight, Graystripe returned to the clans with his new mate Millie. Mosskit said that Stormfur seems like a pretty cool cat, and the other kits agree. Rock then noticed it was daybreak and he got up and said it was time for them to go back with their clanmates, the three kits asked if they come back to here about more clan cats and Rock said that he would like that. If you want to read more about the clan cats then read the book and find out. Well that’s all for now, I am Chocokitten123 and see you next time on Book Review.

Warriors: Code of the Clans

Warriors: Code of the Clans

Hello there, Chocokitten123 here and welcome back to Book Review. Today I am going to be talking about Warriors: Code of the Clans. Code of the Clans is another warriors field guide that talks about how to Warrior Code came to be. I am going to tell you three stories about the first three codes. First up, Code 1, Defend your Clan, even with your life, You may be allowed friendships with cats from other Clans, but your loyalty must remain to your Clan. It starts off in the camp of ancient Windclan, where Ryewhisker,a ancient Windclan warrior, is leaving camp. He stops at the hears a sound coming from the bushes, he sees his former mate Cloudberry, a ancient Riverclan warrior, and they start to play together. They do swimming contest and races until Cloudberry reveals that she is going to have Ryewhisker’s kits, he then bounces with excitement but Cloudberry sighs. Ryewhisker ask what was wrong and she ask how are they are suppose to raise the kits because they both belong in different clans, Ryewhisker says that they can make it work and that she should raise them in Riverclan and give them to Windclan when their old enough. She says that no matter what they will always be their kits.

Next gathering, Riverclan accuses Windclan for stealing prey, Ryewhisker says that Windclan hates the taste of fish, the two clans start to fight and Ryewhisker sees Cloudberry being attacked by another Windclan warrior, Hawkfur. Ryewhisker goes and protects Cloudberry but Hawkfur is confused, Ryewhisker says that no harm will come to his mate. Hawkfur was so infuriated that he went and killed Ryewhisker, the other cats stop and asked Hawkfur why he killed his own clanmate, Hawkfur said he betrayed his clan because he had a Riverclan mate, the other leaders then decided that they can not have this anymore, and that is how the first code of the Warrior code came to be.

Next code, Code 2, Do not hunt or trespass on another Clan’s territory. Three moons after the first code was made the clans have lived in peace, until Shadowclan started to hunt on Thunderclan territory because there was so little prey that leaf-bare. At the gathering, Whitestar, the former Thunderclan leader, told the Shadowclan leader, Brindlestar, to stop hunting on Thunderclan territory, Brindlestar then said that her clan needs prey because there is so little of it on their territory. Whitestar says that his clan needs it as much as they do, the other clan cats start to argue about the prey until a branch from one of the big oak trees falls off, landing in the middle of Whitestar and Brindlestar, then Stonestar, the former Windclan leader, says that it is a sign from Starclan that clans shall not hunt on other clans territory, and that’s how second came to be. That was a good story wasn’t it.

Finally, Code 3, Elders and kits must be fed before apprentices and warriors. Riverclan apprentice Splashpaw becomes a warrior and receives the name Splashheart, after two days being warrior he is doing fine. He catches a fish at Sunning rocks and puts it down, then Reedshine, his former mentor, comes and ask him what he was doing, Splashheart said he was just hunting and asked if he wanted to share the fish he caught. Reedshine agrees and eats the fish with Splashheart, Splashheart then raised his head to see a Thunderclan patrol hiding in the bushes. Splashheart says for Reedshine to get some Riverclan warriors, at first she doesn’t understand but then she sees the patrol and then leaves. Reedshine returns with Darkstar, the former Riverclan leader, and a hole bunch of warriors, the Thunderclan patrol comes out and start to fight. Splashheart was fighting as hard as he can and stopped to see Darkstar dragging Reedshine’s body away from the battle. Splashheart goes to Darkstar and sees that Reedshine’s body all covered in scars and her eyes half closed, Splashheart says to take her back to camp. Darkstar said they have to keep on fighting even though it seems like they can’t win, but they actually manage to win.

Before going back to camp, Splashheart was visited by a Starclan warrior, Aspentail, she says that she is the elder of his elder’s and that she fought for the rocks before and that she will do it again. Aspentail then disappears and one of Splashheart’s clanmates ask who was he talking to, he says nothing an goes back to camp. Darkstar says that they are victorious, Splashheart says that the battle was for the elders because of how they have tried to do it but couldn’t. The other clan cats agree and yowls in victory, then when Splashheart became the next leader he made the battle victory into a code, and that’s how the third code came to be. If you want to learn more on how the other 12 codes came to be, read the book and find out. Well that’s all for now, I am Chocokitten123 and see you next time on Book Review.

The Great Dust Storm

The Great Dust Storm

Hey everyone AwesomeEwok here and today I’m gonna tell you about the great dust storm that traveled across america. On May 11th 1934, a massive storm sends millions of tons of topsoil flying from across the parched Great Plains region of the United States as far east as New York, Boston, and Atlanta.

When the Great Plains were settled into,  the land was covered by prairie grass, which held moisture in the earth and kept most of the soil from blowing away even during dry spells. By the early 20th century, farmers had plowed under much of the grass to create fields. When the U.S entered World War I there was a demand for wheat, so farmers had to push their fields to the limit, plowing under more and more grassland with the newly invented tractor. The plowing continued after the war, when the introduction of even more powerful gasoline tractors sped up the process. During the 1920s, wheat production increased by 300 percent, causing a huge supply in the market by 1931.

During that year, a severe drought spread across the region. As crops died, wind began to carry dust from the over-plowed and over-grazed lands. The number of dust storms reported jumped from 14 in 1932 to 28 in 1933. The following year, the storms decreased in frequency but increased in intensity, culminating in the most severe storm yet in May 11th 1934. Over a period of two days, high-level winds caught and carried some 350 million tons of silt all the way from the northern Great Plains to the eastern seaboard. According to The New York Times, dust “lodged itself in the eyes and throats of weeping and coughing New Yorkers,” and even ships some 300 miles offshore saw dust collect on their decks.

Another massive storm on April 15, 1935–known as “Black Sunday”–brought even more attention to the desperate situation in the Great Plains region, which reporter Robert Geiger called the Dust Bowl. That year, as part of its New Deal program, President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration began to enforce federal regulation of farming methods, including crop rotation, grass-seeding and new plowing methods. This worked to a point, reducing dust storms by up to 65 percent.

Well that’s all on the Great Dust Storm, as always I’m AwesomeEwok and remember to yub nub on.

Warriors: Thunder and Shadow

Warriors: Thunder and Shadow

Hello there, Chocokitten123 here and welcome back to Book Review. Today I am going to be talking about Warriors: Thunder and Shadow. Thunder and Shadow is about the two motherless kits, Twigkit and Violetkit. It starts off in the camp of Thunderclan where Twigkit is bored, she goes over to the medicine cat den to watch Alderpaw sort herbs. Twigkit ask if she can help Alderpaw, before Alderpaw can answer Jayfeather, son of Leafpool, came and said that she will just get under their paws. Twigkit frowns saying that she can help with anything, Leafpool came and said that she can help, but Jayfeather says that she has her nestmates to play with. Twigkit says that Larkkit, Leafkit, and Honeykit are mean and they tease her about being weird, Alderpaw then says that she can play moss ball with Briarlight. Twigkit says ok and goes to Briarlight, Alderpaw says to Jayfeather that he doesn’t need to be mean to Twigkit. Jayfeather then turned away and went on sorting herbs. Later, Rowanstar, the former leader of Shadowclan, comes to camp and talks to the medicine cats and Bramblestar, he says that Shadowclan’s medicine cat, Littlecloud, is dying and that he needs Leafpool to cover for him until they get a new medicine cat.

Leafpool agrees and says for Alderpaw to come with her, Alderpaw agrees and Leafpool tells him to get as much herbs as he can. Then, Alderpaw was ready to go, before he went Twigkit comes over and gives Alderpaw a feather. Twigkit says that Violetkit used to have a feather in the nest when she was in Thunderclan, Violetkit thought it looked pretty. Twigkit says that it’s not the same one but she knows that Violetkit will love it. Alderpaw smiled and then left. They walked until they where at Shadowclan border, Tigerheart was there, he asked what they needed. Leafpool said that she is going to Shadowclan camp because she needs to see Littlecloud, Tigerheart says ok and says for Tawnypelt to help them with there herbs. They reach Shadowclan camp and Leafpool races over to the medicine cat den to check on Littlecloud, Leafpool ask Alderpaw for some herbs to help Littlecloud, Alderpaw then ask if he can visit Violetkit. Leafpool says yes but not to be long, Alderpaw walks over to the nursery and is stopped by Needlepaw, a Shadowclan apprentice, she ask why does he want to go into the nursery. Alderpaw says that he wanted to make sure Violetkit is ok, Needlepaw stepped out of the way and let Alderkit talk to Violetkit. Violetkit was just laying down until Alderpaw came into the nursery, he said to her that he has something from her sister.

Violetkit thought it was Lionkit, daughter of Pinenose, but Pinenose said that she is not her sister but Twigkit is. Alderpaw put down the feather and told Violetkit that it was from Twigkit, Violetkit picked it up and said thank you to Alderpaw and for him to tell Twigkit the she loves her feather. Alderpaw then left Shadowclan camp back to Thunderclan camp, he was pleased to be back home. Twigkit raced to him and asked if Violetkit like the feather, Alderpaw says that she loved the feather and that she wanted to tell Twigkit she is thankful for it. Twigkit then was called by Lilyheart to come and get to sleep, Twigkit thanked Alderpaw a final time and went to the nursery, she then went to sleep with her nestmates. Next morning, she was up bright and early to watch Alderpaw sort herbs and treat cats with cuts and scrapes. Later on in the day Twigkit hears a warrior come back from hunting informing that a Windclan patrol, that included Onestar, were being attacked by rouges. What will happen next? Will the Thunderclan warriors go and help Windclan or will they just leave them to face the rouges alone?Read the book and find out. Well that’s all for now, I am Chocokitten123 and see you next time on Book Review.

The Transcontinental Railroad is completed

Hey everyone AwesomeEwok here and today I’m gonna tell you about when the Transcontinental Railroad was completed. In 1869 the presidents of the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads meet in Promontory, Utah, and drove a ceremonial last spike into a rail line that connected their railroads. After that, people would no longer have to travel dangerous journeys across the country by wagon,.

The railroad would start on 1866 from Omaha, Nebraska and Sacramento, California. the two railways, Union Pacific and Central Pacific, were so eager for land that they passed each other and the final meeting place had to be renegotiated. Harsh winters, staggering summer heat, Indian raids and the lawless, conditions of newly settled western towns made conditions for the Union Pacific miserable. The overwhelmingly immigrant Chinese work force of the Central Pacific also had its fair share of problems, including brutal 12-hour work days laying tracks over the Sierra Nevada  Mountains.  On more than one occasion, whole crews would be lost to avalanches, or mishaps with explosives would leave several dead.

For all the trouble and hardships they suffered, the Union Pacific and Central Pacific workers were able to finish the railroad laying nearly 2,000 miles of track by 1869, ahead of schedule and under budget. Now that the railroad was finished journeys that would have taken months by wagon train or weeks by boat now took only days. Their work had an immediate impact. The years following the construction of the railway were years of  growth and expansion for the United States, because of the speed and ease of travel that the railroad provided.

Warriors: Yellowfangs Secret

Warriors: Yellowfangs Secret

Hello there, Chocokitten123 her and welcome back to Book Review. Today I am going to be talking about Warriors: Yellowfang’s Secret. Yellowfang’s Secret is about the great medicine cat of Thunderclan, Yellowfang. It starts off in the camp of Shadowclan where Yellowkit and her littermates, Rowankit and Nutkit, are playing around with the elders, they pretend the elders are Windclan warriors invading Shadowclan camp and that they chased them off. Yellowkit then hears Raggedkit and Scorchkit telling them that they are not really warriors, Scorchkit then tells them to look at him and Raggedkit if they want to learn something. Nutkit goes and tells Scorchkit that he is not a mentor, Raggedkit then admits that they are not mentors but will be apprentices in about a moon. Then Nutkit insults Raggedkit and Scorchkit by saying they are kittypets, because they heard the elders say that since they did not see Raggedkit’s and Scorchkit’s father he must be a kittypet, Yellowkit steps away from Nutkit and says to Rowankit that Nutkit was crazy. Raggedkit then went up to Nutkit and asked what he said, Nutkit then repeated what he said. Raggedkit raised up his paw to slash Nutkit but then was stopped to see Brightflower, Yellowkit’s mother, coming toward them, she says for Yellowkit, Nutkit, and Rowankit to come back to the nursery. They go and Brightflower scolds Nutkit for calling Raggedkit and Scorchkit kittypets, she then says that they can go and get some fresh kill and come back to the nursery.

The three kits run out and each get a fresh kill piece, Nutkit then goes and wanders off somewhere, leaving Rowankit and Yellowkit in the clearing. Later Brightflower calls the kits back to the nursery and finds out that Nutkit’s belly was hurting, Brightflower calls Sagewhisker, the former Shadowclan medicine cat, and tells her that Nutkit’s belly is hurting. Yellowkit then says that her belly was hurting too, Brightflower asked what Nutkit ate, Nutkit says that he ate a dead starling that was behind the bushes. Brightflower gets angry at Nutkit and ask if Yellowkit ate some of the dead starling, Yellowkit says no but Brightflower still blames her. Sagewhisker then brings the two kits to her den and gives them some yarrow, Yellowkit says that she didn’t eat any crow food, rotten prey, Sagewhisker then says not to worry and for Yellowkit to go to sleep. Next morning Yellowkit decide to take some prey to Silverflame, Yellowkit’s grandmother, she picks up a toad from the fresh kill pile and heads over to the elders den.

Yellowkit sees Silverflame and gives her the toad, Silverflame toke one tiny bite and said that Yellowkit can have the rest. Yellowkit then ate the toad and went out of the elders den. A moon later, Yellowkit and her siblings were apprenticed, Yellowkit was excited to go but her mentor, Deerleap, said for her to check the elders for ticks. Yellowpaw was ok with it, she raced to the medicine cat den to get some mouse bile, she then check the elders for ticks, went hunting and went to sleep. Next morning she had a pain in her throat, like she was dying, she then heard murmurs from the elders den, she went to see what the problem was and she saw Silverflame on the floor with Sagewhisker on her side. Sagewhisker went up to Yellowpaw and told her that Silverflame is dead. What will happen next? Will Yellowpaw be fine or will she grieve for Silverflame’s death forever? Read the book and find out. Well that’s all for now, I am Chocokitten123 and see you next time on Book Review