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The Importance of Libraries

The Importance of Libraries

A library is more than just a building that holds books. It is a central place for the development and growth of a community. Libraries provide programs and services which a community is able to connect with each other and flourish. These programs and services are mostly free but, some might need a small fee or a library card to be able to be used. People of all types of backgrounds and education have been impacted by using a library and its programs and services. These programs and services are constantly evolving as the community grows. There are many opportunities libraries have that can impact people’s lives in a positive way.

Libraries are the cultural centers of our communities. They provide a wide range of information in one place; from historical documents to modern works of literature. They offer many programs and services that all generations of community members can participate in. These programs include reading groups, play time, and clubs. In addition to the year round programs, the library also hosts a Community Lunch Program and a summer reading program for every age group. All of the programs are free to any community member, but to gain access to all of the services the library offers, one must sign up for a free library card. These services include access to the computers, office supplies, and meeting rooms. A library card is not limited to just a library, it allows access to the online catalog that connects other libraries. One can also borrow books from a library across the nation that is linked with its local library.

Libraries have affected everyone who uses them. Many students prefer going to the library to do their homework because the library is so quiet that they can focus without any distractions and there are many resources provided for their projects and essays. They also use libraries as places to meet up and hang out with their friends and peers. Libraries are important to immigrants because they provide many services for anyone who is unable to purchase them. Immigrants are also able to look up information about citizenship classes and more at the notice board. Community members use the library as a center of learning and culture. They also use the many programs a library offers as a way to connect with other members and have fun. Many people say that libraries are the “people’s universities” for they provide information and programs that anyone can use for free.

Libraries are constantly growing and evolving as technology improves. They provide new ways to borrow books through programs like Hoopla and the Inter-Library Loan or ILLiad for short. Hoopla is an app that a library card holder can register and gain access to an online collection of books, music, and TV Shows. Just like a normal library, the downloads are available for free but have a due date in which they expire. Hoopla is the next generation of libraries where technology intertwines with library collections. The ILLiad is another library service that links the user to all of the libraries in the nation Through ILLiad a person can borrow a specific title which their library may not have but can be found at a library that is participating in the program. Any requested titles are shipped directly to the person’s home address, and he can send the materials back in the same manner. In addition, there are more ways to contact the librarians instantly through E-mail or text messaging. They’ve also added “Suggest-a-title”, a service in which one can ask the library committee to buy a specific title for their library. Libraries are also expanding and changing with the community. The collections and programs may alter as the needs change or they may separate into library branches to continue serving the ever expanding community.  Technology has changed the face of libraries and its future is never-ending.

The programs and services libraries offer are proof that libraries play an important role in our communities. Libraries are essential for they provide a cultural center to their community. People are able to borrow a wide selection of materials from the library for free. Most of the services and programs offered are free or require a small fee, but all access is granted with a free library card. Community members can participate in any of the programs their libraries offer. As a high school student, I use my library to help me with my homework, to connect with my peers, or to discover something new. Libraries are constantly growing and changing, not only because of the expanding communities, but because they are taking advantage of the advances in technology and ensuring that they are never outdated.

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The Signing of the Constitution

The Signing of the Constitution

On September 17 in the year 1787, The Congressional Congress met for the last time to sign our Constitution. The Constitution, which sits in the National Archives, is the document that states the foundation of our government. Written by James Madison, this document was more than just a paper. It was a document in which 13 separate and unique colonies agreed to come together and live under one central government. Not under a king, no emperor, no one ruler. This document which established the rights of the people, the guidelines for the government, and how we would be separate but united. Throughout history, many more amendments were added in response to changes in our country (Prohibition Amendment, Women’s Suffrage, Black Segregation). What is amazing is this document is a living document. It is the beating heart of our country. We The People are the 3 most powerful words that was ever written. It is something we need to remember and carry throughout our lives.