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Warriors: Into the Wild

Warriors: Into the Wild

Hi everyone, Chocokitten123 here and welcome back to Book Review. Today I am going to be talking about the first book of the first series of Warriors, Warriors: Into the Wild. The book takes place in a little town where in a house lies a kittypet named Rusty. Rusty is having a dream about chasing a mouse in the forest, but then the mouse gets away and Rusty wakes up. Rusty then goes to his food bowl and smells the tasteless food in it, he then goes outside and jumps on the garden fence. As he looked out at the forest he wonders what lived in it, he jump down from the fence and walked toward the forest. Smudge, Rusty’s kittypet friend, saw him and said that there are big wild cats in the forest and the they have sharp claws and teeth, Rusty ignores Smudge and goes in the forest anyway. He walks until he hears a sound in the bushes, he looked at the bush and then out came a gray-striped tom cat that attacked Rusty. He fought back until the gray cat said that his name was Graypaw and that he was a Thunderclan Apprentice who was on a patrol, Rusty then said his name and that he was a kittypet. Graypaw told Rusty to go back to his Twolegs(humans) before he was found, but that’s when two other cats came out and ask Rusty who he was. Rusty told them his name and then the two cats said the their names were Bluestar(the leader of Thunderclan) and Lionheart, then Bluestar says that he was brave to fight Graypaw, but Lionheart says he is just a ordinary kittypet and that he should go back to his home. Bluestar gives Rusty a choice to join Thunderclan or go back to his home, he picked to join Thunderclan. They all go back to Thunderclan camp and Rusty was amazed of how the camp looked like, but all the cats of Thunderclan are not happy about how a kittypet is joining the clan, except Bluestar and Graypaw. Rusty is worried about how he is going to fit in, but then a big brown-striped tom with a long tail named Longtail taunts Rusty that he is a kittypet and not clan born. Lionheart persuades Rusty to fight Longtail to prove that he is strong, Rusty then fights Longtail until Longtail rips of Rusty’s collar. Bluestar see that it is a sigh from Starclan the Rusty should be part of Thunderclan. Bluestar then renames Rusty Firepaw because of his Flame colored pelt, Bluestar then goes to Spottedleaf (the Medicine cat of Thunderclan) and says the Firepaw is the one. Spottedleaf then says that she isn’t sure, but the prophecy say’s that “Fire alone can save our clan”What does this prophecy mean, will Firepaw save the clan from a enemy hidden in the shadows or will that enemy rein supreme of the entire forest? Read the book and find out. Well that’s all for now, I am Chocokitten123 and see you next time on Book Review.



Hi everyone, Chocokitten123 here and welcome back to Book Review. Today I am going to be talking about my most favorite book series, Warriors. Warriors is about the cats who don’t have any owners and that live in the wild. These cats live in groups called clans and there are four clans, Thunderclan, Riverclan, Windclan, and Shadowclan. Each clan has a leader, like Firestar the leader of Thunderclan, Leopardstar the leader of Riverclan, Blackstar the leader of Shadowclan, and Onestar the leader of Windclan. These clans also have deputes and medicine cats. Deputes are the second cats in charge of the clan, so if the leader either retires or dies the deputy becomes the new leader and appoints a new deputy. Medicine cats are the medics of the clan, they use special herbs and berries to heal cats. Medicine cats also have a great connection with Starclan and get messages from them. Then we have Warriors, Apprentices, Elders, Queens, and Kits. Warriors are the cats who maintain the clan, they hunt for prey, protect the clan, battle other clans for territory, and help the leader in any sort of way. Apprentices are cats who haven’t earned their warrior name yet, what they do is they help warriors with hunting, practice battle moves, help the medicine cat with collecting herbs, and do chores. Elders are retired Warriors, Deputes, and Leaders, they just relax. Queens are the cats who have kits and take care of them. Lastly we have Kits which are just kittens, they play, they sleep, and sometimes get into trouble for leaving the camp. Kits also have to be 6 moons old to start their training. I just love Warriors and how mush action there is. Well that’s all for now, I am Chocokitten123 and see you next time on Book Review.

Honor Guard

Hello everyone its Chocokitten123 here and welcome back Girl Scouts Rock! Today I am going to talk about my Honor Guard group. Honor Guard is a Color Guard group who are the ones that guard and post the flags at important Girl Scout ceremonies. The types of ceremonies we participate in is the Bronze, Silver, and Gold award ceremonies, the Volunteer awards, Bridging ceremonies, Court of Awards, and many more. For new girls like me, we train every meeting, learn the commands that the Girl Scout in Charge ( the girl holding the American flag and giving the commands) says, and practice a lot. Then when we are ready we will be able to go to special events and be able to post the flags. Thats not all we do, we also go on fun trips like camping at the different Girl Scout camps and doing seasonal activities like ice skating. We also have a event called Fun with Flags, where we teach girls who are not in Honor Guard different things about the American Flag. We do a trivia to test girls in how much do they know about the American Flag. Next we tell a brief history about the American Flag and how it was made. Then we teach girls how to fold the flag the right way and why we do it. Next the girls get to draw and design there own flags. And finally they get to retire worn out American Flags and get to participate in a Flag retiring ceremony. Yes Fun with Flags is really fun. We also give girls the opportunity to join Honor Guard. My Honor Guard group is awesome and funny and we hope more and more girls join our group. We do so many activities and we hope were going to do more. Well that all for now, I am Chocokitten123 and see you next time on Girl Scouts Rock!


A New Year

Hello everyone this is Chocokitten123 and welcome back to Girls Scouts Rock! Today I am going to talk about what has been happening since my last Girl Scouts Rock post. It has been so long since I last posted a blog post, and there has been a lot happening. First I have been attending many events and camps. I have also joined a group called Honor Guard, what we do is we are the ones who posts the different flags at important events, like the Volunteer Awards and the Girl awards. I also joined GSAG (Girl Scout Advisory Group), what we do is we write for the Juliette Gazette, we attended awesome parties, and do so much more.

I also joined a new Cadette Troop and it is so awesome. We have done so many accomplishments, like badges, community service projects, and many more. Also me and my Troop went to St. Louis because we had so much money from last cookie season that we had enough to get a Airbnb and see all the attractions like the St. Louis Zoo and The Old Court House. I have done so much in the past year and now it is time for me to do much more. Well that’s all for now, once again I am Chocokitten123 and see you next time on Girl Scouts Rock!

White Fang

White Fang

Hi there, Chocokitten123 here and welcome back to Book Review. Today I am going to be talking about White Fang. White Fang is about a red colored wolf who is part wolf part dog and is very strong. One day the She-Wolf, the red wolf, was with her pack and they split up in till there was just four wolves left, but then One eye, She-Wolf’s husband, killed the two other wolves and then it was just She-Wolf and One eye left. They settled in a little cave and She-Wolf had five cubs and one was a little gray cub who was always so curious. Then one year there was not much food left, and then three cubs died so it was just the two cubs left. Then one more cub died, so it was just the little gray wolf cub left. Then, when One eye was hunting, One eye was attacked by a lynx and then the little cub didn’t see his father anymore. One day the cub went out of the den and saw the outside world, he fought a bird, but it got away. Then the She-Wolf and her cub were out hunting and came upon the lynx that killed One eye. Then the two wolves killed the lynx, but She-Wolf was badly hurt. After She-wolf’s wounds healed they were taken to a Indian village and were treated well. Then the two wolves were named, Kiche and White Fang. Then White Fang came a cross a dog named Lip-Lip and he was not really friendly with White Fang and hurts him every time he came to him. Then one day, the Indian village left to there fall grounds and left without White Fang. What do you think will happen to White Fang? Will he find the Indians again or will he be lost in the forest forever? Read the book to find out. Well that’s all for now, I am Chocokitten123 and see you next time on Book review.

S.H.I.T. Talk

S.H.I.T. Talk

Hi there Chocokitten123 here and welcome back to S.H.I.T. Talk. Today I am going to be interviewing Abraham Lincoln.

Chocokitten123: Hello Mr. Lincoln.

Lincoln: Hello Chocokitten123, how are you?

Chocokitten123: I am fine, and you?

Lincoln: I am doing good.

Chocokitten123: Okay First question, how do you like the 21st century?

Lincoln: I like it very much, there is a treat you have called ice cream and my favorite flavor is chocolate.

Chocokitten123: Ya, I like that one too.

Lincoln: And they have a little pad that you can play games on.

Chocokitten123: You mean a tablet?

Lincoln: Yes, that.

Chocokitten123: Ya, tablets are really fun.

Chocokitten123: Next question, what was your time like?

Lincoln: Well it wasn’t like yours, it was kinda boring and didn’t have devices like yours.

Chocokitten123: Okay?

Chocokitten123: Next question, if you can bring something from my time to yours what would it be?

Lincoln: Hmm…….. tablet!

Chocokitten123: Good choice.

Chocokitten123: Last question, what is your favorite Disney character?

Lincoln: That little alien.

Chocokitten123: You mean Stitch?

Lincoln: Yes

Chocokitten123: I like him too.

Chocokitten123: Well that’s all for now, I am Chocokitten123 and see you next time on S.H.I.T talk.

Lincoln: This is some good ice cream.



The Call Of The Wild

Hi there, Chocokitten123 here and welcome back to Book Review. Today I am going to talk about The Call Of The Wild. The Call Of The Wild is about a dog named Buck who was owned by Judge Miller and Buck had a happy life in Santa Clara Valley. Until, when Miller was at a meeting and his sons were at a club, Miller’s gardener, Manuel, kidnapped Buck and took him to a train station were Manuel sold Buck to a strange man and took him on the train. Buck did not like the man, when ever he tried to attack him he pulls the rope on Buck and chokes Buck, and through out the trip Buck didn’t eat or drink. Then they finally reached their last stop and Buck was angry, and then a man in a red sweater let out Buck, then the man started hitting Buck with a club and then Buck lad on the ground and was whimpering in pain. The man gave the injured dog some food and water, then they went for a walk and a man named Perrault saw Buck and bought him for $1,000 dollars for his dog sled team so then he can reach Skagway to get gold. Perrault had another dog named Curly, and the two dogs got along swell, they meet two other dogs, Spitz and Dave. Then, when the men were setting up camp, Curly got into a fight with a husky and lost. The name of the other dogs in the team are Billee, Joe, Sol-leks, Pike, Dub, Dolly, Teek, and Koona. What do you think will happen to the sled team? Do you think they will make it all the way to Skagway or will they be stuck in the snow? Read it to find out. Well that’s all for now, I’m Chocokitten123 and see you next time on Book Review.