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The Great Dust Storm

The Great Dust Storm

Hey everyone AwesomeEwok here and today I’m gonna tell you about the great dust storm that traveled across america. On May 11th 1934, a massive storm sends millions of tons of topsoil flying from across the parched Great Plains region of the United States as far east as New York, Boston, and Atlanta.

When the Great Plains were settled into,  the land was covered by prairie grass, which held moisture in the earth and kept most of the soil from blowing away even during dry spells. By the early 20th century, farmers had plowed under much of the grass to create fields. When the U.S entered World War I there was a demand for wheat, so farmers had to push their fields to the limit, plowing under more and more grassland with the newly invented tractor. The plowing continued after the war, when the introduction of even more powerful gasoline tractors sped up the process. During the 1920s, wheat production increased by 300 percent, causing a huge supply in the market by 1931.

During that year, a severe drought spread across the region. As crops died, wind began to carry dust from the over-plowed and over-grazed lands. The number of dust storms reported jumped from 14 in 1932 to 28 in 1933. The following year, the storms decreased in frequency but increased in intensity, culminating in the most severe storm yet in May 11th 1934. Over a period of two days, high-level winds caught and carried some 350 million tons of silt all the way from the northern Great Plains to the eastern seaboard. According to The New York Times, dust “lodged itself in the eyes and throats of weeping and coughing New Yorkers,” and even ships some 300 miles offshore saw dust collect on their decks.

Another massive storm on April 15, 1935–known as “Black Sunday”–brought even more attention to the desperate situation in the Great Plains region, which reporter Robert Geiger called the Dust Bowl. That year, as part of its New Deal program, President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration began to enforce federal regulation of farming methods, including crop rotation, grass-seeding and new plowing methods. This worked to a point, reducing dust storms by up to 65 percent.

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The Transcontinental Railroad is completed

Hey everyone AwesomeEwok here and today I’m gonna tell you about when the Transcontinental Railroad was completed. In 1869 the presidents of the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads meet in Promontory, Utah, and drove a ceremonial last spike into a rail line that connected their railroads. After that, people would no longer have to travel dangerous journeys across the country by wagon,.

The railroad would start on 1866 from Omaha, Nebraska and Sacramento, California. the two railways, Union Pacific and Central Pacific, were so eager for land that they passed each other and the final meeting place had to be renegotiated. Harsh winters, staggering summer heat, Indian raids and the lawless, conditions of newly settled western towns made conditions for the Union Pacific miserable. The overwhelmingly immigrant Chinese work force of the Central Pacific also had its fair share of problems, including brutal 12-hour work days laying tracks over the Sierra Nevada  Mountains.  On more than one occasion, whole crews would be lost to avalanches, or mishaps with explosives would leave several dead.

For all the trouble and hardships they suffered, the Union Pacific and Central Pacific workers were able to finish the railroad laying nearly 2,000 miles of track by 1869, ahead of schedule and under budget. Now that the railroad was finished journeys that would have taken months by wagon train or weeks by boat now took only days. Their work had an immediate impact. The years following the construction of the railway were years of  growth and expansion for the United States, because of the speed and ease of travel that the railroad provided.

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show opens

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show opens

Hey everyone AwesomeEwok here and today I’m gonna tell you about when Buffalo bill’s Wild West Show opened. William Fredrick Cody, who was a well-known scout for the army and a buffalo hunter for the railroads, started an outdoor extravaganza called the “Wild West, Rocky Mountain, and Prairie Exhibition” for a Fourth of July celebration in North Platte, Nebraska. The show was a big success that he decided to start a circus like pageant celebrating life in the West, and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show was made,. During the next four years Cody performed his show all around the nation to large crowds.

Audiences loved Cody’s reenactments of frontier events: an attack on a Deadwood stage, a Pony Express rely race, and most exciting of all, the spectacle of Custer’s Last Stand at the Little Big Horn.  Even more popular were the displays of western outdoor skills like rope tricks, bulldogging, and amazing feats of marksmanship. Cody had many stars but one of the most famous ones was Anne Oakley, who was nicknamed Little Sure Shot, who could shoot a cigar out of an assistants mouth.

Cody took his show across the Atlantic to show Europeans. He staged his first international performance at the Earls Court show ground in London on this day in 1887 Queen Victoria herself attended two command showings. After London, Cody and his performers amazed audiences throughout Europe and then became a truly international success. One bronco rider, who stayed with the show until 1907, traveled around the world more than three times and recalled giving a performance in Outer Mongolia.

Though his Wild West show waned in popularity in the 20th century-in part because of competition from thousands of local rodeos that borrowed his idea-Cody remained on the road with the show for 30 years. When the show finally collapsed from financial pressures in 1913, Cody continued to perform in other similar shows until two months before his death in 1917.

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V-E Day is celebrated

V-E Day is celebrated

Hey everyone AwesomeEwok here and today I’m gonna tell you about V-E day. In 1945 both Great Britain and the United States celebrate Victory in Europe Day. The allied nations celebrated the defeat of the Nazi war machine. On May 8th German troops throughout Europe finally laid down their arms in a cease fire. while the Germans were trying to leave Russia, more than 13,000 British POWs were released and sent back to Great Britain.

Small battles between the Germans and Soviets would continue until May 9th. The Soviets would lose 600 more soldiers in Silesia before the Germans finally surrendered. V-E day wouldn’t be celebrated until May 9th for Russia. Stalin gave a radio broadcast to all of Russia and said, “The age-long struggle of the Slav nations…has ended in victory. Your courage has defeated the Nazis. The war is over.”

Even though the Germans surrendered, Japan said that they would rather fight till the end instead of surrendering. Well that’s all on V-E day, I’m AwesomeEwok and remember to yub nub on.

Lego Attack on Crate Set

Hey everyone! AwesomeEwok here and today I’m gonna tell you about the Attack on Crate set. So this set is from the Last Jedi movie and it has stuff from the battle on Crate. Now this set is pretty awesome, It has a Crate mining speeder, a turret, and a base. The minifigures this set has is cool too, it includes Poe Damron, two resistance troopers, and two first order snowtroopers. The mining speeder is epic it looks amazing and like it came out of the movie. Now this set is awesome by itself but when you combine it with the First Order AT-AT you can make the battle on the planet.

Now overall the set is good, the mining speeder is the best part about it and it really is epic. The base and turret are great too, but they should of added more minifigures. Well that’s my post on the Attack on Crate set I’m AwesomeEwok and remember to yub nub on.

The History Behind Star Wars

Hey everyone AwesomeEwok here and today I’m gonna tell you about the history behind Star Wars. Star Wars is a Science fiction space opera that was released on May 4th, 1977. This movie was a Science fiction but was based off of mythology, theology, and our own history. George Lucas based characters off of real people from our history. Like the stormtroopers of the Empire, they were based of of the stormtroopers that defended the Nazi party. The palace on Naboo was based off of Imperial Rome, and the pod race on Tatooine was based off of the Roman chariot races.

The transition of government from a democracy to and Empire even resembled Rome’s transition of government. Ronald Reagan even made a defense plan (Star War) that would use space lasers, similar to the Death Star. The Jedi in the movies are similar to the Knights of Templar who were a Catholic military group. Mostly everything in Star Wars is based on our own history. Well that’s all on the history behind Star Wars, I’m AwesomeEwok and remember to yub nub on!

The Battle of The Coral Sea

The Battle of The Coral Sea

Hey everyone AwesomeEwok here and today I’m gonna tell you about the beginning of the Battle of The Coral Sea. This battle is one of the most important naval battle of World War II. The battle started when a Japanese invasion succeeds in occupying Tulagi. The United States broke the Japanese encryption codes and knew about the invasion of Tulagi. So the United States decided to intercept the Japanese armada. This battle took was four days of battles between the Japanese and American aircraft carriers and ended with 70 Japanese and 66 American warplanes destroyed. The battle was marked as the first air-naval battle in history, because no aircraft carrier fired upon the enemy,.

But one American carrier, the Lexington, suffered from so much aerial damage, the crew had to sink the ship. Two hundred sixteen Lexington crewmen died as a result of the Japanese aerial bombardment. Although Japan conquered all of the Solomon Islands, their victory was at too great a cost. Japan lost experienced pilots and aircraft carriers so they had to cancel their conquest to occupy South Pacific islands.

The Battle of The Coral Sea was an important naval battle during World War II. This battle was a turning point in Japan’s conquest in the Pacific ocean. Well that’s all on the Battle of The Coral Sea, as always I’m AwesomeEwok and remember to yub nub on.